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So today on my drive home from work, I started to fantasize about the key signs of SUMMER.

1. Weather-Here in the midwest mother nature is playing tricks on us! Fifty degrees….are you kidding me?! I’m longing for the days that cause my back to sweat.

2. BBQ-I’m a foodie so a good cookout makes life so much more interesting.

3. The ability to show these legs off!-Yes ma’am! SUMMER Is the perfect time to slap on a pair of shorties, and enjoy the day! Here are the top 4 shorts needed to kick start your SUMMER.

Check out Angela’s full post at - Postively-Chic.com

To see more of this fashion check out Angela’s full post at - Postively-Chic.com

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Angela Johnson is a fashion blogger and fashion influencer. She owns Postively-Chic.com, a website that focuses on positive images and fashion news.

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