High End Junkie clothing

is seen everywhere, if you haven’t already caught on the new fashion weave, High End Junkie can definitely get you there. The amazingly talented designer behind this clothing line is Chicago, IL native Q. Hudson. She has taken the fashion world by storm, Q says her clothing line is for “anyone who desires a top-of-the-line look while main taining their street cred,”  She is also known for her unique way of using bold colors, and colorful fonts, and also the fabric she chose to create a visual experience  for her customers.

High End Junkie clothing has received an overload of love from celebrities, you can catch celebrities like: Iman Shumpert, Teyanna Taylor, Black Chyna, and The Rapper The Game wearing the line.  Q.Hudson is making herself and her brand a household name.  Us here at Kiss Magazine won’t be shocked when her brand becomes globe.

For more on Q. Hudson and High and Junkie clothing line check her website out at HighEndjunkie.com


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