Chicago native, Sheila Rashid..

is known for her impeccable, detailed drop crotch designs. Influenced by the cultures around her, she began her artistic journey to success. With dreams of being a pro-basketball player, her path took a turn when she began painting characters on shirts and selling them to students and friends for fun. This lead Sheila and a close friend of hers to begin a clothing line, filled with painted, cut up hoodies, creating quite a buzz around Chicago, having them featured in a few local magazines. Her stay at Columbia College in Chicago was short lived, but her journey did not end there. Due to creative indifferences between Sheila and her clothing brand partner, she veered off and became her own boss as a fashion designer. After purchasing a sewing machine and attending classes to learn the basics, Sheila started making clothes from scratch. Her goal was to put a “classic, but futuristic, innovative twist” to her work.

Sheila Rashid

Her very first collection was showcased at Columbia College’s fashion show, and the feedback she received was the perfect jumpstart to her career. Her second collection featured geometric inspired dresses and the introduction of the drop crotch. After the success of her first solo fashion show in 2010, she presented her collection during New York Fashion Week in 2011, which was followed by a published piece in Essence magazine and other media. Sheila saw this as the perfect opportunity to move to the city that never sleeps, New York City. She took this time to network and build her brand. I asked her what inspires her the most and she said, “Empowerment. To know that you are great and to express it through your designs.” What is Sheila Rashid up to now? She is currently focused on selling her designs in boutiques around the country and overseas, specifically high-end boutiques and the Asian market, all the while continuing to fulfill orders one by one, catering to each of her customer’s desires. Each Sheila Rashid piece is handmade by her and can only be purchased through special order by emailing The drop crotch will be added to the revamped online shop this summer and customers will be able to purchase on


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