Nicki  Minaj gives GQ an exclusive for next month’s issue, where they talk highlight her evolution of style from her beginnings to the middle and showcases her new look now. She also talks about her new album “The PinkPrint” as well as the message of empowerment behind her hit single “Anaconda”


In the “Anaconda” video, she says. “At first I’m being sexual with the banana, and then it’s like, ‘Ha-ha, no.’ ” I ask if she’s referring to how the Drake scene immediately follows the kitchen scene. “Yeah, that was important for us to show in the kitchen scene, because it’s always about the female taking back the power, and if you want to be flirty and funny that’s fine, but always keeping the power and the control in everything.”

nicki-minaj-grinded-on-you-largeYou can read more by clicking here

Photo Courtesy of :GQ


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