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to live a Bàus lifestyle. Bà has been the talk of the town not just in Houston but in other fashionable cities Los Angeles, Miami and New York; after only six months since the digital fashion house launched in April 2016.With the help of social media, Bàus Noir is strikingly becoming known to the mass market. The hands-on selection process of choosing the high-end designs of trendsetting pieces is what the subscribers’ falls in love within one visit. Some would say Bàus Noir is a “Fashion Haven” where you indulge in a hip and trendsetting lifestyle behind your computer screen.

KISS Magazine had the first-hand pleasure of speaking with the Bàus Noir fashion directors, Ashley Hendrick and Jasmine Lynch.  The Bàus ladies verbally walked KISS through the story line on the becoming of; from the first initial meeting of the two as accountant students to a dynamic duo as brand ambassadors.

You two have an amazing story, fill our readers in on that journey.

Jasmine L: A friendship brewed over the love of shoes as we met in accountant class at the University of Houston. We are both accountants that realized we weren’t like the average accountant students during a class lesson over fashion. After being inspired by a fellow friend of ours, Ashley and I came together with our passion and went after this dream of ours.

What was the inspiration to start Bàus Noir?

Jasmine L: The inspiration came from wanting to be fashion forward without being trendy. A lot stores or boutiques in the mall provide trendy clothing, not necessarily catering to the fashion-forward shopper that is looking for those unique tops or pants. That’s is something we strive for on our website Bà, we look for those eye-catching pieces that you don’t see everywhere.

Ashely H: One thing we’ve noticed before launching, is that we even had trouble finding those unique pieces for ourselves. That struggle between wanting those haute designer pieces that were a far reach and settling for those items that everyone had, we just knew there was a better way of getting those out of the box, cutting-edge pieces.

What is your favorite part about being a digital fashion house?

Ashley H: The best part for me would be the travel, being able to travel in and out the country to different tradeshows, seeing new designs and networking with new people is always fun. Besides New York as far as the best city for fashion, our favorite city would hands down be Miami. The fast pace, sexy vibe and daring fashion that always welcomes a good time.

Jasmine L: My favorite part of being a digital fashion house would be the opportunity able to reach a broad network of people even though we are based in Houston. Showcasing our movement without being limited because Bàus Noir is not just a boutique it is a lifestyle as well. We are inspiring people with our features on the designers that we carry, sharing their story with a larger audience.

What would you say is the most challenging part of owning an online boutique?

Ashley: With primarily being online we have a harder time having that physical presence in every city. The marketing is more difficult for the various cities that we travel to, we have to do more advertising than most. Getting the awareness out of what the brand entails to the public is always going to be tough because we are a newer boutique. Even though it’s a challenge, it’s a good challenge.

Jasmine: The level of service that we are able to show during our pop-up shops and studio in Houston is a challenge when we really can’t provide the same champagne service online. The service of walking you through the details of a garment, walking back and forth to show different styles and conducting one on one service is exclusively available in a physical boutique. We are definitely working through this struggle to provide some of those services online.

For those who are reading and would want to have their product on your site, walk us through the process of how you select the haute couture clothes/designers for the website?

Jasmine: Emailing would be the preferred method of contacting us at [email protected], introducing who they are and including a digital lookbook. After that first step, we would go through the lookbook and see if the designer and designs are in alignment with the aesthetics of our brand “Bold and Sophistication” Then if it is a good fit for Bàus Noir, we will reach out and request a line sheet.

How would you describe a Bàus woman and her lifestyle?

Ashley: This is what we exemplify with the showcasing of our site. A Bàus woman is not only fashion forward, she makes her on decisions, financially literate and a cultured go-getter in life. Every aspect of her life is a Bàus, and this what we try to embody with our brand with the fashion, the features we share, and style segments that we will soon have rolling out. A Bàus woman is on top, the trendsetter in her city, and most definitely the alpha woman of the pack.

Online boutiques are no longer a fad they are here to stay, what is your opinion of the current state of the industry? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Jasmine: With most typical boutiques, they sell the same identical trendy items that you can get from hundreds of other boutiques online. Nothing sets them apart from one another. Secondly, we notice they aren’t a lot of actual designers in boutique, you see more of private labeled items from China or wherever. The designers that we carry are known among the stylist of celebrities that are considered fashionable in the public eye, like Kendal and Kylie Jenner even Beyonce has been seen in the designer’s creation that we carry. That goes to show you where we are with the mindset of our business. Even if you don’t purchase anything from the site, you still can take ideas away from our lifestyle tab as far as where to go, what to eat or hottest products to use. We’re gearing more towards a haven than a regular online boutique, we want to make an impact on the fashion industry.

How has social media and new age technology help or hinder your business?

Ashley: Social media is actually helping us since we are a new brand. It is the best way for us market the brand and the main outlets that we use are Instagram, Facebook and now we’ve join Twitter. Utilizing social media, we are receiving great feedback and having more subscribers subscribe to our website.

Jasmine: Even though social media is a great tool to have, it also has brought a challenge to us. People look at the followers and the likes of the pictures to place value of a brand. This can certainly be challenging for a fresh new brand to stay true themselves.

Several celebrities have worn your items, but what fashion icon would you like to see wear Bàus Noir? Why?

Ashley: One of the celebs I want to see in our brand is Rihanna. I would love to see Rihanna shop our site! Rihanna is extremely fashion forward, always trendsetting and clearly a Bàus lady. It would amazing for her to shop on the site and have fun.

Jasmine: My choice would be the celebrity you see on the red carpet is Ciara because she slays everytime. She has been seen in the brand we carry but not the actual designs. I’ll probably fall out on the floor if she did.

What are some things we can look forward too from Bàus Noir?

Ashley: We are going to be actively gaining more awareness, doing more pop-up shops and traveling more. Also we are looking for more baus designers to feature, help their brands and get the designer’s story out to the open. Continuing to build on this haven that we have.

Jasmine: The main thing coming in 2017 will be us introducing a  style segment on Bà; it will be showing tips and tricks on how to be a Bàus.

To wrap up our interview, Jasmine Lynch schooled KISS Magazine on the difference of being a trendsetter versus being trendy. “A trendsetter can take a trendy outfit and make it their own while inspiring a trendy person. This trendsetting person has their own look, creator of their style and embraces that. A trendy person is the total opposite, this person wears an item because they see someone else wearing it and floats to what’s in style at the time.”

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