Pull out your Androids and iPhones, and “LIKE” away. If your follower count is not high and photos do not have 100+ likes or more, you are not POPPIN. Social Media is becoming an obsession for many to be involved in “What’s NEW ” in Pop Culture.  Having celebrity drama, fashion brands, and hilarious memes in the palm of your hands, the spotlight is always on. Proven by the pages likes and interactions, Intertwine Collection is not your typical e-boutique. Twin owners Shanda and Shawniece, utilizes social media to celebrate fashion forward women across the globe.                                                                                                                      

                 “To captivate the people’s eye Facebook and Instagram is the way to go”Shanda.  

“No days off” is the motto these fashionistas lived by to run this 24/7 business. Helping women “Channel your inner beauty with a touch intertwine Collection”, this e-boutique caters to fashion enthusiast of all silhouettes.  Not to mention, star clients: Malaysia (BBWLA), Kelly Rowland, Trina & Liane Nev, have all been spotted in this exclusive fashion brand.

“Being black entrepreneurs, Malaysia really took in the brand. She has open the doors for IC in many aspects. Malaysia has the confidence and trust in us to be styled in Intertwine Collection. She definitely represents the brand well” -Shawniece. 

The year 2017 is all about making new goals, and crossing them off the list. Shanda and Shawniece gave a hint to KISS Magazine that Intertwine Collection is adding a full-figured collection this month! Having two fashion directors with altering styles, consumers have a range of options to choose from. It does not matter if you are seeking trendy 2-piece sets, sequined jumpsuits or party dresses the selection is endless.

Intertwine Collection has the exquisite eye for top quality of all the latest trends and bold styles. Want to keep up more with Intertwine Collection? Turn on your Post Notifications!

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A young fashion editor, ready to take on the fashion industry with her pen. Chelsea is strongly concentrated on men’s fashion. Only being twenty-one, she's living the life of fashion. There's more to come from this fashionable writer.

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