I used to be anti-cologne it wasn’t until my mentor some years ago bought me my first bottle of premium cologne Tom Ford. Needless to say the compliments started to roll in, and of course I thought “what was I thinking not wearing cologne all of these years?”

Today my colognes of choice are Versace, Cartier and YSL. After years I choose these colognes because of how they mix with my body odor and still remain very light.  So it was a no brainer when Erica Dias of B Firm introduced me to Sexual Noir, that my curiosity spiked and my excitement jumped at an opportunity to wear a premium fragrances that a lot of my peers were not using YET!

So I put up the Versace, Cartier and YSL for a few days and wore 3 days straight to see the reaction

Day 1: As per usual Monday is my busiest day, catch up from the weekend and everyone is in Monday mode. Fragrance on and 3 meetings to conquer. I was immediately surprised in my first meeting that my partner noticed the fragrance, a nice compliment of “you smell good” kicked off my day.

Day 2: Was a casual day for me but I had he opportunity to see my significant other. Now let me preface this story to say that I do not spray my fragrances heavy, so when I enter a room you won’t notice. So today I got close to her and asked her “do she notice something different?”  Her response was “You are wearing a new cologne, it smells nice.”   That was the second verification I needed, that this new fragrance was going to be a mainstay in my collection.

Day 3: Today was event day, my agency was handling red carpet wrangling for a film festival in Atlanta. One thing I love about my regular fragrances is how long they last even if I am active throughout the day.  So today was the test for Sexual Noir can it last. Of course at any event it was a lot of hugs and hello’s.  I always have to be on point with my cologne on a day like today, after an 8 hour day I could still smell the fragrance on my body.  This is a good sign of a quality cologne.

All in all Sexual Noir Pour Homme has made it into my weekly rotation. I am excited to see the growth of this company, and honestly it can go toe to toe with any premiums out there.


Séxu¯al is the foundation brand of Michel Germain Parfums. Born out of love for and inspired by his wife, Norma, Séxu¯al brings allure and romance in fragrance form to both women and men.

Known for its glamour, romance, and secret, elegantly beautiful aphrodisiacs, Séxu¯al is bottled in European glass made from the white sands of France. The fragrance has a secret ingredient, an aphrodisiac too precious to be revealed but always remembered, and is made from quality oils sourced by the renowned IFF in New York and Grasse. The exquisite cap has 180 hand placed crystals.

You can find this fragrance at:  Michel Germain

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