Chicago Women of Influence founded by Kelly Stickel of Remodista hosted a women in tech event last month at the Rebecca Minkoff store in Chicago. Technology is being incorporated into fashion everyday and becoming the wave of the future when it comes to the retail industry.

Rebecca Minkoff is a global lifestyle brand that offers apparel, handbags, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and technology. Rebecca Minkoff is shaking up other retailers by utilizing technology to make her store stand out from her competition. Brick-and-mortar stores have been going out of business due to e-commerce giant Amazon and due to the convenience consumers experience from online shopping.

Rebecca Minkoff created something that all brick-and-motor stores should take note of; she is implementing high-tech, touchable mirrors in her flagship stores dressing rooms. Since women hate leaving the dressing room to find their size, this lends a perfect opportunity for in-store convenience. Therefore, consumers will be able to stay in the dressing room and put in request for a new shirt, pants in a different size or color, and the store employee will deliver the items to your dressing room.

Her brand didn’t stop there, as she also understands us girl bosses are on the go! She recently created a stylish power tassel key chain that attaches to your purse. Rebecca is creating a new wave for the overall shopping experience. Kiss Magazine recently had the pleasure of visiting Rebecca Minkoff new store in Chicago.  At the event, they showcased a few of her luxury bags and a few pieces from her online collection, and the power tassel. She also added a few stylish phone cases. The Rebecca Minkoff store is exclusive and consumers won’t find the same shopping experience and quality items at other physical stores. We would like to thank Kelly Stickel for giving us an inside look regarding e-commerce trends and the future of retail and technology.

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