I guess folks were right when they told Kyciana Brown she would always be something when she grew older. Though she never exactly knew what her niche would be, the eclectic artist has now found her way. Born and raised in Chicago, Kyciana was always known as the spunky, outgoing, and kind-hearted girl in high school. Her fashion style was always unique with an 80s twist, filled with bold colors and handmade jewelry. As a child, she grew up listening to urban neo soul and house music living with her mom, and rock/alternative living with her dad. This is where it all began – with music. Although she never knew she’d be a musical artist, it was always a part of her growing up and this would be where most of her inspiration stemmed from. When entering college at Columbia in Chicago, her exposure to music only expanded. Surrounded by new artists and genres, Kyciana decided to drop an EP as a joke. This was the name of the project – “A Joke” – and there was her new stage name, AJ, the initials from her first project. After selling out online and being featured on several blog sites, she began to take her music career more serious.

Her newest single, “I Don’t Feel Bad,” produced by Ryan ESL, can be found at www.ajpeace.bandcamp.com and will be on her up and coming project “Know AJ”. The video to her new single can be found on YouTube. I asked AJ what sets her apart from other artists and this was her response, “I do this for fun and for the good vibes. I don’t make music to make money or because I’m trying to make it out of the hood, but because I feel my music can make a difference in people’s lives – ‘bring people up when they’re down’ type of thing.” When creating her music, she loves to incorporate a variety of different genres, ranging from electric to R&B and soul, and her fashion flair reflects that. You can always spot AJ with her everyday bold lip, blonde and black locs, and tomboyish, ghetto chic style. If you are looking for that eclectic twist, her manager can be reached at [email protected] Be sure to follow AJ on Instagram: @IKnowAJ and on Twitter: @OhYouKnowAJ.

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