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Who would of ever thought it was possible to mix organic sketching, art, and Icons in the media with technology? Josh, the artistic hands behind DROME NYC did. Having studied at both Prat University and Manhattan School of Visual Arts, Josh Brooklyn native, also referred to as, @Technodrome1 has incorporated his knowledge from sketching to digital work in every recent remarkable Pop-art piece.

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Drome NYC

Josh and his team of two (Jason and Evan) have found a way to capture audiences of all generations with electrifying colors that represent the the talent and individual personality of said Media icons. Kanye West, Jay Z, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Snoop Dogg (also known asSnoop Lion), and many more are captured in a unspeakably clever and classic way that isn’t capable by many other artist of the today’s generation. Every Pop-art piece has a esthetic and aura that has yet to be matched.



DROME consist of a strong trio; the brains Jason and Evan and the creative talent Josh. They work together in collaborations, event planning, and are constantly bouncing new and vibrant business ventures off each other. These three, eat, breathe, and dream DROME. They passionately explained that DROME “Blends past pop art with present day technology”. They have expressed their interest in future endeavors from leather laptop cases to pocket wallets and more product that will only elevate DROME to their full potential. They’ve also begun discussing ideas for a Look Book that collectively displays Josh’s work. We can’t wait until it’s out.





Fashion Editor Telsha Anderson, Josh, Fashion Editor Nia Anderson

Drome NYC


Written By: Telsha Anderson (Fashion Editor)

Photos Taken By: Nia Anderson (Fashion Editor)

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