ALL MY 90’s babies stand up!  And tell them little bitty 2000’s babies exit to the left. There is much to love about the 1990’s. The 90’s filmed the best movies, FRIDAY and Boyz N The HOOD that we all have on bootleg at our house. We will still entertain ourselves over reruns of Martin reiterating to Tommy…“You ain’t GOT no job, man!” And LET’s NOT ever forget that 90’s fashion been taking over the game way before Cash Money. The aesthetics of STYLE, color and print captivated in the 1990’s will never go unnoticed. Walking around in baggy overalls, vibrant button-ups, and dope sneakers ISSA LOOK for 90’s menswear.


        - The Trendiest Fashion Era is giving inspiration to a NUW creation -  


Launched in JULY 2017, NUW is the new wave for menswear. Giving you that Living Color vibe to all your button-ups. Designer, Nyasha Williams, from the quiet state of Mississippi to fast-paced life of LA; took a creative risk by stepping out her comfort zone of womenswear and took a shot in men’s. The designer not only takes inspiration from the essence of the 90’s but soaks up all that is around her. The “CUT & SEW” life is real for this brand; each garment is custom-made from the pattern making to the precision placement of each button. If you are a sucker for detail like I am, then you will cherish the craftsmanship of this brand.

NUW brings a level of creativity and a little tender love & care that has been lacking in menswear. You see uniformed trends in popular stores like H&M or even Zara. Walking into these store you have the particular style, in more than one quantity, with the same basic color patterns mimicking the five other shirts in the store. One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue … A book by Dr. Seuss should never be the muse for any brand.  This is why 53% of the male consumer spend his time on the internet shopping, looking for those fire pieces that is MIA in these stores. Fellas, look no further NUW has been created for you.  A celebrity that would appreciate these eccentric shirts would be the always fashion forward, Andre 3000. When wearing NUW you are exemplifying a man of versatility. You are not afraid of displaying your bold personality through clothing.

Ultimately this brand was not sewn for a man’s 9 to 5 man attire. However, I’m sure he will be wearing NUW when stepping out on the scene. Nyasha is shaking up the men’s fashion industry by giving men what they have been asking for…. something NUW!









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