Jeremy Scott 2011 Collaborations
14 Apr. 2011

Jeremy Scott 2011 Collaborations

Jeremy Scott is releasing three watch styles he’s through Swatch for his Fall 2011 collection.  The different styles named Swatch Opulence, Lightning Flash, and Winged Swatch are considered timeless pieces because the the frame and wings are removable giving the wearer more options.

“Not only can’t I believe that I’ve been allowed to design my own, I am just so totally flattered to be part of a legacy that includes Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood - two of my heroes.”

The “Panda” sneakers  designed by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals, is the follow-up to the teddy bear sneakers and is apart of the Spring/ Summer 2011 collection.  These playful sneakers  are the most anticipated kicks of the summer and carry a price tag of $180.

Click here to learn more about designer Jeremy Scott

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