06 Jan. 2011


1. What Advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in fashion?
It depends on what aspect of the fashion world they are interested in: design, illustration, merchandising, buying, trend forecasting, production, etc. The list goes on and on. If they want to be a designer they need an art background, good sense of color/style, sewing construction knowledge, and computer skills. As far as colleges, students should thoroughly research what programs the school offers and what the career placement rate is. Some schools concentrate more on art/design and others focus more on corporate design, merchandising, and marketing.

Reversible Nicole Dress / Photography// Rachel Hanel /Hair & Make-up// Carol Wood
Model// Ashleigh (Factor Chicago)

2. Where do you get your design inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from what young creative women are wearing. I pay a lot of attention to the styles art school kids are wearing because they are always ahead of the trends. I also find inspiration in art and costume history so I spend time and the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art. I usually sketch out many ideas first and then perfect them draping on the dressform.

Reversible Ashleigh Sweatshirt / Liana Sweatshirt
Sunny Leggings //Photography// Rachel Hanel /Hair & Make-up// Carol Wood
Model// Ashleigh (Factor Chicago)

3. What is the most difficult part of running your own label in reference to design, production, sales, finance, and advertising? Finding time to do it all! I’m designing, manufacturing, and selling at least 12 new products every 6 months. I have to wear many hats and am eager for the day I can hire employees to take some of the work load off.

Reversible Ashleigh Sweatshirt/Liana Sweatshirt/Photography// Rachel Hanel
Hair & Make-up// Carol Wood
Model// Ashleigh (Factor Chicago))

4. What are your design disciplines?
When I first started my line I was just designing clothing I want to wear. Now while designing my 5th season I have learned what styles sell and what doesn’t which helps my narrow down my ideas.

Michaela Jacket/ Photography// Rachel Hanel/ Hair & Make-up// Carol Wood
Model// Ashleigh (Factor Chicago)

5. What trends do you see big in 2011?
I see comfort as a big part of womenswear in 2011 - leggings, sweatshirts, and jersey dresses - which is right up my alley! These garments are great for women who do not give up style for comfort, and stay relaxed and fashion forward.

Lara Sweatshirt (Available at )
Shelly Dress (Available at )
Photography// Rachel Hanel
Hair & Make-up// Carol Wood
Model// Ashleigh (Factor Chicago)

6. What kind of collection did your create for Spring 2011?
For my spring/summer 2011 collection I took on a more playful approach than in previous seasons. Aesthetically inspired by Southwest Native American artwork, the line incorporates design details including braiding, quilting, and a screenprint of a connect-the-dots puzzle of a pistol. The collection features a wide range of garment styles including multi-functional sweatshirts, feminine dresses, screenprinted tops, a capri-length romper, and an asymmetrical skort.

Designer: Anna Hovet




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