IM Biltwell Fall 2013

Are you Biltwell??

I had the privilege to see some of this collection before it was released, and the full collection does not disappoint.  In a saturated industry the creators of this line have a long strategy of success to build yet another quality brand.  Building such brands as: MECCA, ENYCE and PARISH Clothing, this installment may be there crowning jewel. Fashion has changed and consumers appetite has changed, long gone are the days where the price point doesn’t equal the quality. Please read below the brief description created by the team at I.M. Biltwell.

IM BILTWELL was conceived as an idea in 2007, the brand’s co-founders realized then there was a shift in men’s apparel. The post Generation X millennial emerging men’s fashion scene forced consumers to “item” shop from several different brands in several different niches.

Lando Felix, Dre Pabon and Tony Shellman wanted to create a brand that offered a complete lifestyle collection, with inspiration rooted in denim, classic sportswear and contemporary. They envisioned a emerging men’s contemporary clothing brand, a brand that mirrors today’s young man.  The IM BILTWELL consumer is complex and his clothes reflect this, although his style may vary from day to day, he expects progressive designs, quality fabrics and the perfect fit.

The IM BILTWELL team makes clothes from the perspective of the consumer, they love fashion just as much as you do. IM BILTWELL the brand is an extension of this thought process, how should one try to build a wardrobe? If you looked in the closet of an IM BILTWELL designer, you would find classic sportswear, vintage Americana, global contemporary and premium denim brands.  In a nutshell that is what IM BILTWELL is, it’s not about one thing anymore, it’s about everything.





Photographer: Roberto Chamorro

Styling: Kwasie Kessie

Author: Sean "Diggy" Rush

Sean Rush is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of KISS Magazine.

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