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Alicia Keys has been amongst controversy for the past few years due to her relationship with Swizz Beats, but her new album will cool all the chatter that she has fallen off.  Please read the excerpt from Complex magazine and enjoy Alicia Keys reborn.

“With Girl on Fire dropping November 27, now seemed the perfect moment for Alicia to grace the cover of Complex for the second time. Photographer Gavin Bond pulled out all the stops—he even brought a fluffy white kitty to the shoot—and Alicia stepped up the sexiness to another level. Complex senior editor Rob Kenner went to London to find out what kind of burning passions set this girl on fire. Our issue goes on sale December 4, but you can read the cover story right now.”    click here - Complex


Alicia Keys Complex Magazine

Alicia Keys Complex Magazine

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Author: Sean "Diggy" Rush

Sean Rush is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of KISS Magazine.

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