A Summer Like No Other
25 Sep. 2012

A Summer Like No Other

Summer Walker

Over the past 8 years many models have come and gone in the world of urban modeling, however a very elite few have managed to craft a lasting presence, let alone reach an iconic status. Although officially retired from the modeling industry, on a beautiful fall day in Atlanta… Summer returned. She comes and goes in our lives each year just like the seasons. wondered what causes Summer to leave and come back into our lives? We at KISS believe that sometimes it’s sheer boredom,  or perhaps  it’s the longing and desire to show off all that wonderful… because (and as you will see below) she will ALWAYS have a wonderful ability to captivate us beyond words. Her gaze captures us, her beauty confounds us, and her curves, well… they do other things entirely.

In any regards, whenever she has been asked to prove if she still has it, she never falls short… so it begs to question, is this the sign of a greater return? We wanted to know, and so we asked “Do you still want to model?” Her response was simple, “Modeling helped me grow into something externally amazing, and with that experience I have began to transform my inner beauty. I miss and will always love the modeling industry, but my new direction, with business and family now has me in a deeper purer love.”

Ladies & Gentlemen, we would like to REintroduce you to the legend herself… Summer Walker in a Summer like no other

Summer Walker

Photographer: Treagen Kier

Model: Summer Walker

Make Up: SweetGloss

Hair: Charles Harrison

Stylist and Clothing provided by : Betrice Benbow

Location and Hair Provided by : Exquisite Locks Salon

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Sean Rush is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of KISS Magazine.


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  1. jgraves58 says:

    I’ve always loved Summer Walker. I was fortunate enough to actually meet her in Lenox Mall a week before Thanksgiving 2011 and spoke to her about five minutes. To be good looking is one thing, but to be just as impressive in person is really something special. I like her and think if she did something on television people would gravitate to her because of her personality . . . and that is what truly makes a woman beautiful.

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