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Who supports urban models? Part 1.
17 Feb. 2010

Who supports urban models? Part 1.

Financially, what is the real support system for urban modeling?  In the other Fashion Industry, when a new model enters the scene, she’s scooped up by an agency,(real agency meaning,  with a real company structure, operating in a real office building, with multiple employees working to book models)  Sex and or dating the models is …

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31 Jan. 2010

The Future…

It may be redundant for me to state the world wide economy has stalled. The WORLD WIDE economy has stalled. A natural reaction to tough times is controlling one’s personal spending, i.e. luxury items. The cut back on balling is affecting everything from cars to clothing. The fashion industry is no different. Some designers are …

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24 Aug. 2009

VIBE Magazine is ReVIBED!!!

Vibe has been revived. The hip-hop magazine and its web site have been acquired by InterMedia Partners, a private equity firm, and Uptown Media, a luxury magazine publisher backed by InterMedia, and will be relaunched with a greater focus on the internet. The print edition of Vibe won’t be out until year’s end, and next …

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13 Jul. 2009

Baby Phat Going Bankrupt?

Published by nwilliams on Monday, July 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm. It’s real in these streets for celebrity fashion lines! Last month Jennifer Lopez’sclothing line Sweetface went bankrupt and now Kimora Lee Simmon’s line Baby Phat might be headed for the same fate. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kellwood Co. - an apparel manufacturer who’s brand’s include …

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