Sweet Suella Channels the Great Marilyn Monroe

Idols, many of us have them.  They inspire us, they indirectly guide us and in a weird sense they make us better people through the greatness we see in them.  Connie “Sweet Suella” experienced radio personality now residing in Chicago working at V103fm, has always looked  up to Marilyn Monroe. Through Marilyn we get confidence in self, confidence in inner and external beauty.  Through Marilyn we get controversy and conflict, through Marilyn we get normality with extraordinary.

In this editorial renown photographer Andrew Thomas Clifton captured the essence of Connie channeling Marilyn.  On set we sat back in awe as the glam team transformed an already beautiful woman into an historic icon.  We are happy to present to you the full editorial ” Hello Mr. President”









Photography : Andrew Thomas Clifton

Make Up:  SweetGloss

Hair:  CrimsomHair

Styling: Jacqui Hazel 

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