Gibbor Green 13 yr old singing sensation


MIAMI, FL – October 4, 2011 – King Creative Entertainment proudly announces the release of

GIBBOR GREEN’s first solo hit and video CRUSH along with his official app available through

ITunes AppStore on Friday, October 7, 2011.


This 13 year-old crooner from Miami, FL (Overtown) will be the talk of tweens and young adults

around the country when CRUSH is officially released next week too much anticipation. King

Creative Entertainment an independent company is utilizing new technology in communicating

with masses and developing GIBBOR into a household phenomenon while “Bring Soul Back to the

Future,” with this new superstar and local teen sensation.



GIBBOR is not new to South Florida entertainment, since the age of 8 GIBBOR has traveled

extensively as one of the feature performers in the James Brown Review, performing many hits from

the Late Super Stars such as Brown, Sam Cook, and Michael Jackson.


In a recent Miami New Times article music blogger Liz Tracy referred to GIBBOR as a “future

superstar with a bright future and cool looks,” an referenced his more than 8,000 Facebook friends in

addition to his 1,051 Twitter followers all before the release of his debut single CRUSH.


The single CRUSH is written and produced by Teflon the Producer who has pinned super beats for

such artist as Grammy Award-winning female rapper Eve and Ruff Ryders, Jamiacan rapper Shaggy

and many others.


To learn more about GIBBOR GREEN, please visit:

Official Website:








Anthony Jackson

The Marome Agency

(954) 560-0426

[email protected]




Shannon Allen

King Creative Entertainment

[email protected]


However it does not stop here, GIBBOR has already shot the video for his follow-up single


#FOLLOWME which will be released later this fall along with his very own original mixtape

featuring his own rendition of New Editions- Candy Girl, Michael Jackson’s - Where You Are,

Bruno Mars – Grenade and Talking to the Moon, Justin Timberlake’s, Señorita., Sam Cooke’s -

Change is Gonna Come and more.

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