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Tyra…Tyra…Tyra…what a fashion fairy tale life you live. 1st on your way to becoming a brainy and hot, emphasis mine, college co-ed you decide to try this modeling thing. Instant “Supa” star. Then after conquering Victoria’s Secret runway and killing the Sports Illustrated swim suit covers, for what seemed like many moons, you quit. Wait for it… Only to have our couture muse spring “America’s Next Top Model” on us and 16 cycles later reality show domination. We could mention the channeling of your inner Oprah with the Tyra Banks show…we won’t.

What is our Models model up to now? You have enrolled into Harvard’s CEO business school, kudos Ms. Banks. And now the reason for this post…Net Entrepreneur is the hat wore today. TypeF.com.

Give information according to your body type and BAM Beauty and Fashion tip tailored for you. Oh, all courtesy of Ms. Banks. Check out Tyra and Andre Leon Talley artfully explain the virtues of the little black dress.

Tyra Banks & Andre Leon Talley present … the little black


Author: KentonClayton

The man loves to weave word spells.

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