The Macnificent Mile – DJ Sean MAC

Chicago is experiencing a new birth of fashion and music,

and DJ Sean MAC is at the front of it, with the rise of Kanye to international heights, Common to Hollywood, and Lupe to crossover stardom these hip-hop stars are opening doors.  The B Boy has always been associated with Chicago, but now the B Boy has turned into the SWAG kid.  An infusion of music and fashion culture that is unique in the Midwest.  Gold chains, vintage watches, Jordans, Jean Jackets, Designer Shades fashion built for Chicago.   Leading the fashion birth in Chicago visually and with his DJing is The Kid Sean Mac.. below is an excerpt of our interview with him and photo shoot in downtown Chicago.

 DJ Sean MAC

Charles:  In 2011 you were deemed a  Hennessy DJ and started your own clothing brand,  what are some secrets to your growing success?

MAC :   Well as for Hennessy they came to me because of what I was able to bring to the brand from a DJ, Taste Level & Marketing stand point.  They picked some of the most Taste Maker DJs around the world to Represent the Spirit. As far as “CASKET” those are more Timeless fashionable tees that just Represent my taste in fashion. I did it for the Thousands of fans & visitors the blog has captured from here & around the world. Theres Really No Secret to what I’ve done but stayed Creative from every aspect. Focused, Determined & the most important KEY marketing. I’m 1 that Projects my Dreams, Goals & ideas. I don’t waste time nor do I give up. God is Good.


DJ Sean Mac

Charles:  How has the city of Chicago influenced you?

MAC:  Being that it’s SO hard making it out of Chicago for artist, DJs etc… Its has made me “Stronger than ever. I don’t like being told “you can’t” or “NO” and Chicago will do that from time 2 time.

Charles:  What is something weird or funny people don’t know about Sean share with us?

MAC:  I still get Nervous every time I Play… No matter how many Party’s I Dj or shows I Rock. I’m still a student & I’m always learning. I get butterflies before I rock. People can’t tell tho… Lol!

DJ Sean Mac

DJ Sean Mac

Charles:  Quote or motto you live by.

MAC:  Smile for No Reason | Love like you never been Hurt | Dance all the time | Work Hard | Be Nice 2 people | Never       Give up | GOD 1ST!


Check out DJ Sean Mac’s website:

Director of Photography:  Andrew Thomas Clifton

Interview / Video :  Charles Thomas


Author: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Andrew Thomas Clifton served as the Photography Director at KISS Magazine from 2008-2012. He is a Chicago based fine art photojournalist and author whose clients include President Barack Obama, Pepsi, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Ebony Magazine.

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