Sex and the City 2 “ Ohhh The Fashion!!!

Ohhh the fashion of SATC never disappoints.  Whether it is the 30 min episodes or the full length movie, SATC continues to be a walking billboard for top designers.  We at KISS Magazine,  do not consider ourselves to be a fashion forward magazine; however, in time, things will change.  So we thought it would only be right to look at just a few of the outfits worn in the movie.

The photos we selected don’t even scratch the surface of all the outfits worn and designers in the movie. Renowned SATC stylist Patricia Field continues to push the envelope each time with one or two odd outfits. Probably the best part of the movie for me was seeing the 80′s flashbacks with each of the ladies, and the old skool walkman Samantha had on… great touch.

Dior Couture was heavy through the movie as well as YSL , and the hottest show maker going right now Christian Louboutin .

So all you SATC fans if you have or haven’t seen the movie enjoy a flash back look at the fashions.

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Author: Sean "Diggy" Rush

Sean Rush is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of KISS Magazine.

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