A Reverie of Sultry: Boudoir Images by Marlene Lillian

Marlene Lillian is simply magnificent with a camera. Its not just the technical perfection to the photography, or the internationally trained eye… its the movement of energy that her images contain and .Her vast body of work (fine art, still life, and portraiture) manages to contain the subtle and powerful energy associated usually with elements of life such as water, love, and sultry kisses by the fireplace. She has traveled to the far corners of the globe, which gives her work the advantage of being truly about a shared human experience with unique viewpoints into the simple moments we often overlook or moods we forget we even had.

With her newest visual venture, ReverieLuxe, she is both redefining and reintroducing the idea of a truly boudoir experience to American culture. This collection of personal portraiture is both intimate and daring, giving both women and couples the ability to visually explore degrees of sensuality in a variety of moods. It pushes both the couple and participant to evolve and truly see the beauty in the subtle intimacy that can both be shared or selfish.

Enjoy a gallery of Marlene’s images from her ReverieLuxe collection and if you in the Atlanta area she is offering a stellar $99.00 deal for sessions via LivingSocial until Jan 26, 2012


Author: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Andrew Thomas Clifton served as the Photography Director at KISS Magazine from 2008-2012. He is a Chicago based fine art photojournalist and author whose clients include President Barack Obama, Pepsi, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Ebony Magazine.

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