Precious Cargo

It was just another day in Atlanta… and then suddenly everything came together. I had this idea with long time creative collaborative partner Lingkoya Washington to show a more classic side to photography editorials. It was my first time working with both stylist Lyndsey Smith and model Alisha Anderson but it certainly felt like we were old friends, with all the jokes and laughing and funny faces between sets (look out for the behind the scenes next week). Then I was able to pull friend DonJenel Jones to be a standin for the manservant and POOF! we have a shoot!

Enjoy Precious Cargo!


Photography/Editing: Andrew Thomas Clifton
Model: Alisha Anderson
Makeup: Lingkoya Washington
Hair: Ms. Q
Styling: Lyndsey Smith



Author: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Andrew Thomas Clifton served as the Photography Director at KISS Magazine from 2008-2012. He is a Chicago based fine art photojournalist and author whose clients include President Barack Obama, Pepsi, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Ebony Magazine.

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