Patrick Cooper – From Celebrity Stylist to Creative Agency

Sean R. :  Where were you born?

Patrick: I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  Right at Georgia Baptist Hospital, a true Atlantan.

Sean R. : When did you know you wanted to make a career out of Fashion?

Patrick: Well after receiving my Masters Degree from Depaul University, I realized that working in the corporate arena inside of a cubicle did not suit my lifestyle.  My dad always wanted my brother and I to attend college to have something to fall back on.  I decided that I wanted to work in fashion after returning from an amazing trip to Paris in the early 90s.  I saw the lifestyle and incredible energy in fashion and new innately that I had the power to be competitive with my European counterparts.  I have always had a passion for fashion and love to live life to the fullest.

Sean R. :  Early influences, current influences?

Patrick: My design aesthetic is based on the 70s decade.  Everything in that time period was fabulous, luxe and plush.  Check out your parent’s pictures and I betcha you will say, “Now that’s living”.  People dressed appropriately for every occasion.  There was a genuine concern for living life versus this whole live to work mentality of today.  I find inspiration from the artists of the 1930s, The Harlem Renaissance and Old Hollywood.  I look at then and now and am sometimes saddened.  Life in its simplest form was more beautiful and opulent.

Sean R. : What is your favorite era of fashion, and why?

Patrick: The 70s.  I love Bell Bottoms and the Wow Factor.  Fringe cloaks, fur and sequins.  Wicker chairs.  Everyone took a picture in those.  Life was a blast.  Hey I am a product of the era so you know it was funky!

Sean R. : What was your big break?

Patrick: I would say having the opportunity to work side by side with the fabulous Sean Combs was a great opportunity and definitely an experience that I will never forget.  However, I believe that my talent and life is all about where preparation meets opportunity so I treat every challenge, work and project the same.  I pride myself with giving my clients 150% sometimes 200%.  It’s my love and I love what I do.  Not many people can say that.

Sean R. :  Take us back to the moment when you realized you were a celebrity stylist?

Patrick: You know you are a celebrity stylist when you have PR offices calling you directly and asking what projects you have coming up.  I feel in today’s market you have so many young entrepreneurs coming out of the box saying I’m a celebrity stylist.  Well to set the record straight I have to say that being a stylist is about relationships with PR offices around the globe, not running in the mall to shop.  You see the art of fashion.  Styling is about being on the pulse, setting trends.  So for all of my young people grabbing titles and saturating the market with false promises, slow down.  Be genuine and put in the work.  Titles will come. I never really get caught up in titles.  May aunt always says, everyone is a VP at the bank.  I am just Patrick T Cooper.

Sean R. : Why are stylist important and needed?

Patrick: Stylists really are the catalyst for ushering in the trends.  They often maintain extensive relationships with designers.  A successful stylist is a master at color, cut and laying out a vision.  I honed the art of storytelling as a stylist.  Stylists create memorable visuals.

Sean R. : Tell us about the current state of fashion, and where you envision it going?

Patrick: Well one thing is for certain, I am so exhausted of this whole jeans phase.  I love the art of fashion.  With clothing you can change consistently and reinvent yourself at any moment.  People today are so concerned with others opinions.  Often times I hear conversations where people want to blend it.  I think that is so lame, call me an artist.  I realized long ago that I was always going to stick out of the crowd.  You see I am not afraid to live my best life and that my friend has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else but me PTC.  I feel that fashion today is not pushing the envelope.  I would love to see more people wearing runway pieces down the streets of NYC.  After this interview I think I am going to have a theme party where all of my friends will have to put on a tux and gowns to attend.  Have fun with fashion always.

Sean R. : Many people don’t know about your next transition do you mind talking about it?

Patrick: Absolutely, I thought you would never ask.  I am now taking my sense of style to the next level.  I am a master at creating a visual that people can understand.  I am launching a creative agency that specializes in branding and niche PR efforts.  Check us out at: PATRICKTCOOPER.COM. Working with clients in the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle industries is what I know.  Want to get a celebrity to endorse your brand, call Patrick T. Cooper.  Want to create marketing collateral that speaks to the consumer, call Patrick T. Cooper.  Life is not black and white, live in color is my tag line.  I want my client’s overall vision to be enhanced with fresh and cutting edge perspectives, all of which I have been known to do in the past.  I am extremely excited.

Sean R.  If a person wanted to become a celebrity stylist what advice would you give them?

Patrick: Tell them to call me (laughs).  My best advice is for a person is not to get caught up in the hype and always stay on top of your invoicing, and considering I am retired from that game I have more than enough to go around!

Check out more of his work at: PatrickTCooper

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Author: Sean "Diggy" Rush

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