New School Cool

Larry English is one cool ass dude.

I’m standing before this mountain of a man… and this quiet funny and really cool dude just looked and smiled and acted like there wasnt a care in the world (and this was BEFORE the NFL Lockout). In the following hours of talking and laughing and working with him I realize that he is not only an avid golfer with an awesome Foundation and a tendency to smile (and make every woman in the room swoon a bit)… but he is a very good man with a big heart.

With superstar stylist Khaliah Clark and Coordinated by Carmella Bella we turned out in Chicago to present an entirely new effort and share the NEW SCHOOL COOL


Player:  Larry English of the San Diego Chargers

Photographer: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Styling:  Khaliah Clark

PR representation: Carmella Bella


Author: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Andrew Thomas Clifton served as the Photography Director at KISS Magazine from 2008-2012. He is a Chicago based fine art photojournalist and author whose clients include President Barack Obama, Pepsi, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Ebony Magazine.

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