On the low, Candice Johnson has been one of the industry's favorite make up artist for quite sometime. When your skill is so immense, you don't need photoshop, how could you not be?

                                                                                                             by Sean Rush

What got you started in make up?
My love of the arts drawing and creating beautiful images.As a child I loved to draw and paint when i gotto a age where i could wear makeup I started to experiment with my own face creating looks that I sawin my seventeen mag and what I saw on music videos. Then it extended to me using family and friends as ginnie pigs and it kinda took off from there believe it or not word of mouth and working for a large cosemetic company really started the ball rolling.

How has the industry changed since you started?
Its more competive  and makeup artist are now seen ascelebs .Years ago the average joe didnt know what amakeupartist was.I still feel its enough room foreverybody in the industry even tho people make it sohard to get your foot in the door its more about whoyou know then how much talent you have.

How does skin color affect how you apply make up?
it doesnt I apply makeup based on what the client wants or what image I want to create skin color is nota factor as a makeup artist you should be able to doany color face.

model: Rima


Celebrity hairstylist Charles Harrison (pictured lower left) is making his next move in the entertainment industry.

                                                                                                             by Treagen Kier

Charles drops a funky mohawk on Sarah Chue pictured above. (make up by Sydni Jones). "A extreme hairstyle done correctly adds range to a model entertainer. Styling starts with hair."