Shutter Bug will feature unique photographers from around the globe.  Introducing Andrew Thomas, also known as Evolution.

                                                                                                             by Sean Rush

"People define irony many different ways with many different situations. It always was ironic to me on how it is a photographers job to make others visible and create an artistic expression with their camera, however they are very rarely seen themselves. This section called "ShutterBug: will make those photographers visible to us."

When I first met Andrew Thomas Clifton years ago, I see a rising photographer, who was a bit lost. He was raw talent however had no direction. He came off to make as a bit of a rebel, and sometimes angry. These days his agency EvolutionVintage is one of the top agencies around. His latest signature collection soon to be released in 2008, will more than likely make him an international photographer. KISS Magazine now presents in it's first installment of ShutterBug the most unknown, known photographer Andrew Thomas Clifton written in his own expression.

Ever since i picked up a camera, I have desired and worked toward being not just another photographer but the BEST photographer ever. However, when I first started the path to being a professional photographer, I didn't know about the specifics and technical knowledge of photography. I only knew that I wanted to capture images in a visually intoxicating way never before achieved. I didn't spend a large amount of money or ask for shopping advice (unless you count ) on my first camera, instead i chose to buy one which I presumed would be ergonomic, professional, and powerful enough to reproduce and re-imagine the images in my head in the highest quality.

Very few of the people or photographers I had come to know at that point believed me when I told them what camera I used or that I had only been shooting for a short time, until they saw the metadata or were able to meet me in person. People would tell me many different things, some completely positive, some completely negative, and some caught somewhere in that safe haven of a middle ground. Nevertheless I kept at it, slowly spending the next 2 years becoming more comfortable behind the camera and in the editing room as I learned more about the techniques of photography and began combining them with my own creative vision in ways I had never envisioned of before. My dreams of mastering this photographic art, through the evolution of my art and myself,† have become closer and closer to reality.

              Andrew can be contacted by email [email protected]                         Andrews photo by: Treagen Kier