"Perfection is practiced never mastered."

                                                                                -phtotography by Andrew Thomas Clifton


You may ask “How is KISS Magazine different than the rest?”

Embarking on a new business venture can be a bit daunting, but exciting nonetheless. It’s that feeling of excitement that one may get at the beginning of a new relationship. or the anxiety you get first time you take on a new task. As you open this magazine and flip through the pages you will share in our humble beginnings. There is a quote that motivated me daily “If people are not laughing at your goals and dreams, then that mean’s you are not aiming high enough." The fact that you have this magazine in your hands represents a dream coming true. As we continue to grow we have higher goals than what you see here today, and we will work hard to fulfill those goals. This beginning has not come easy and over night; instead we invested two long years of structuring and restructuring. We actually completed the first KISS preview issue in December 2006, but Treagen and myself decided to redo everything and we dumped the issue. We were not satisfied with the finished product, or the direction we were going with photography, editorial and concept. Let’s just say we would have been in the same category as a lot of magazines that are on the shelf right now that promote models and artists. You may ask “How is KISS Magazine different than the rest?” Well the answer rests in the satisfaction of its readers. I want to once again thank you for being a part of our humble beginnings and we hope that you will be here throughout the journey.