“Bangladesh Bangs the Best”
Beat Banger Bears His Soul UNCUT
By Terry Shropshire

“Man, girls will do anything!” says Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford, his words coated with a mixture of amazement and disgust. You can almost feel him shaking his head through the phone. The prolific songwriter and producter, who has dropped more hits than a pigeon on Ex-Lax, says a lot of women, particularly video vixens, have stretched the boundaries of decency to its limits – and beyond – in order to break out in the music game. He should know as he has been privy to producer ‘privileges’ in the industry for a minute now.

"A lot of these girls don’t even have jobs have so much stuff. They got a house to live in, a car to drive, top designer clothes. They be dumb as hell, cute as a muthafucka, and they real straight. You don’t even got to be a video vixen for a woman to get hers."

“Trust me I have seen it before, if this one takes her titties out, this one will pull her pussy out. You know what I’m saying? It never stops. It gets worse and worse,” says the superstar producer who has banged out club anthems for the likes of Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Eight Ball and MJG, Young Gunz, Pete Pablo and others. “I learned some girls just…they just want to be somebody, and they want to have ALL the attention. What’s even crazier is that they’re like real selfish with having attention. Like, you can’t have two or three girls that have the same amount of attention. There has gotta be one queen bee in the camp, or they will try to outdo each other.”

Our discussion eventually got back to models influence in the music industry. Bangladesh says that girls have always had a prominent presence in videos, dating back to all the heavy metal/rock videos of MTV's glory days of the 80s. In fact, Prince is a pioneer in the art of showcasing women's attributes in his videos. Prince didn't just show girl's asses; he even displayed his own for public consumption. What's changed, Bangladesh says, is that the showing of 'video vixens' has become more bold, more sexual, more blatant, more in-your-face than ever before. Half-naked gyrating chicks were so popular that it even spawned its own industry, called BET Uncut. “It’s a like an ‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck' time," Bangladesh adds. "Everybody is so sexual and wants to show their sexuality. It’s definetly an attention grabber to a person tuned into videos. A lot of men, that’s all they really look at now, how big a girl’s butt is, how big her titties are, and looking past the essence of the woman.”

Bangladesh also blames the 'non-singing' chicks breaking out in the game. They have given a false sense of hope for video vixens, making them feel they can roll up on the set, flash a well-oiled butt-cheek in the video, and land a record deal. He says he has met hundreds of video vixens, and he has yet to run across one that can barely put two vowels together, much less rap with any precision. “So many girls that can’t sing are in the game, that they give the video vixens confidence. They just say ‘I can do that’. You know what I’m saying? Like an Ashanti, a lot of girls think they can sing. That’s why a lot of girls that couldn’t sing, that can sing Ashanti’s songs, now think they can sing. They think they be blowin’.”