Have strippers taken over urban modeling or have they always been here?? Check out the new Smooth Mag!!


In 1998-2000, the wave of Urban models that stormed the scene showed mainstream potential. The diversity of body types, from Melyssa. Ford to Tomeka Skanes. Their presentation of image, ora and energy were that of potential celebrity.

Now, just about 10 years into what was once thought to be the golden era of the Urban Modeling, the business has been relegated to editors cramming Strippers and stripper like images in the magazines. While, there is absolutely nothing wrong with strippers, The styling or lack there of in the Urban Mags, screams “stripper”. What happened to magazines, like the Gold Issue, where there girls where just as stylish as any R&B chick in the game? At one time the Urban editors vowed not to publish girls who were strippers or looked as such, now that is all we see. What’s your take?




Author: TreagenKier

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