Bohemian Gem

I’m glad to be able to present the work of the powerful photographer Danielle Finney, because shes dope. she assembled an all star team to present one hell of a spread for us mere mortals to observe. Sit back and enjoy the journey that this team takes us on with… BOHEMIAN GEM

Photographer & Creative Director: Danielle Finney

Model: Brenda Halsey

Hair Stylist: Anastasia Arnold

Makeup Artist: Stephanie Patterson

Nail Artist: Celeste Hampton

Wardrobe Stylist: Bianca Cerise

Wardrobe Styling Assistant: Tara Hamilton

Photography Assistant: Deborah Camara


Author: Andrew Thomas Clifton

Andrew Thomas Clifton served as the Photography Director at KISS Magazine from 2008-2012. He is a Chicago based fine art photojournalist and author whose clients include President Barack Obama, Pepsi, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Ebony Magazine.

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