Black Collection – Individuality Lives

There’s a new label to watch out for when looking for a tees that make a statement.  Black Collection, by Reggie Black (@iamreggieblack), consists of well cut basics that are an expression of one’s own personality.  The Black Collection consists of The Individual Campaign and The Raw Series.  Their main goal is to create and coin a new approach to branding.

In 2009, BLACK Collection launched the cornerstone of their brand “The INDIVIDUAL Campaign”. With the intentions, and goal to inspire, motivate, and encourage everyday citizens to channel their inner gifts, talents, and beliefs without validation from others.  The INDIVIDUAL Campaign has also serves an outlet that has allowed us to create a series of INDIVIDUAL products, serve as a platform for college students to create campaigns on various campuses along the East Coast, and express their creativity.

The Raw Series is a collaboration with Ashley Brielle that has no reservations, and is not for the easily offended.  This collection provides quality and comfort to unconventional fashion, while getting one’s point across.

Check out the Black Collection’s Ad commercials & Tumblr:

Individuality Lives commercial

Spring/ Summer ’09 commercial

Individual trailer


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