A Fashion Revolution “ Has taken off in the Midwest (Milwaukee)

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In this photo: Sheena Marie (Founder and Coordinator of  The Fashion Revolution)

Photography: Roche Buford (Studio One)

Over the last 20 years Atlanta has been my place of residence; however many who really know me, know I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Last year I had the honor of meeting Sheena Marie. This joyful talent, who nothing else showed me she was ready to put Milwaukee on the map in  the world of Fashion. Her recent success with “The Fashion Revolution”, hasn’t come without hardships and struggles, but through it all she emerged.  Last year “The Fashion Revolution” made history by holding its show at the prestigious Art Museum, and it attained nation-wide press from the event.  Please enjoy my recent sit down with Sheena Marie founder of “The Fashion Revolution”.

1. Sean – When I say to you “Fashion Revolution” what immediately comes to mind?

Sheena- Spontaneity, freshness, the unexpected, fun, unity, creativity, big, upward spiral with a destination that is beyond my understanding. Local, appreciation,  and longevity.

2.  Sean – Milwaukee is not a city known for it’s fashion industry, what lead you to this field?

Sheena- Nothing lead me to this field, it is something that is embedded inside the making of me. I am forever evolving and growing in my engagements with fashion. But the turning point to continue my quest with the Fashion Revolution production, was the need I saw for it from me, to my friends and peers who enjoy this as an outlet for their creativity. And I saw that I could help the community in a monetary form through it, by offering our scholarship to youth pursuing fashion and art as a career or choice of study in school.

3. Sean – Describe to me the moment you gave birth to the Fashion Revolution?

Sheena – I remember, and not in the exact moment or words…but I remember walking door to door to businesses to tell them about The Fashion Revolution and ask for their support. I remember being cold, afraid, but determined. Most of those knocks on the door, I was turned away from, but I continued. I had a friend who would accompany me, and after awhile it was too much for her I think, lol. When I spent my whole savings on the production with no need for a return, I knew it was mine. It was something I was passionate about.

4. Sean- What can we expect this year that is different from the prior successful years?

Sheena – Well, first and foremost, I am hosting the show! NEVER BEFORE, have I hosted a show. Along with Damion Thompson, a well know musician and fashion enthusiast of URBANSOL, we plan to knock it out. Each year I work on making the event better, and not emphasize on bigger, so I made some minor adjustments to the organization of the production for the most part. It may be noticeable, it may not, but I am working! lol.

5.  Sean- Five years from now tell me what you see with Sheena Marie?

Sheena – Sheena Marie….well….currently I am loving working at Boutique Revolution and enjoying the struggles and enlightenments of operating my own business. In five years, Sheena Marie will be a national..or perhaps universal appeal. In what area of fashion/art, I can’t say. I am allowing the Divine to work on me and help me to exhibit my talents/strengths as he/she see fits. I’m patient. But to give a fantasy answer…perhaps Boutique Revolution will be posted in NYC serving up local designers, while Sheena Marie is a stylist to the stars, exposing them to underground fashion gurus and creatives. I could also see myself leading a womens support movement offering my experience as a tool for women to connect and find our inner strengths. And of course with all this…still produce the Fashion Revolution as it begins it’s tour nationwide, acquainting local designers of each state we reach to the masses. I would LOVE this!


“The Fashion Revolution” Becomes Futuristically Appealing. A Brigade Of Midwest Fashion Designers Set The Standard For The Future Of Fashion In A Galactic Atmosphere.

MILWAUKEE, Wis, (Saturday, April 1, 2010)- The Fashion Revolution runway production is an an annual fashion showcase event. It’s purpose is to expose the Midwest independent fashion market to the ever changing fashion industry as a majority. The production is also in effort to raise funds for The Fashion Revolution Educational Scholarship Fund available for youth who will be pursuing a career in fashion or the arts. The event will take place at The Milwaukee Art Museum, Windhover Hall 700 Art Museum Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, MAY 1, 2010. Pre-reception opening will begin at 7pm. The fashion production will begin at 8pm featuring Midwest fashion designers presenting futuristic concepts of their collection. This is an open event to the public. Seating is limited. Tickets can be purchased prior to event and also at the facility the night of the production.

As a challenge, the twelve participating fashion designers were asked to create a complete line that reflected the future of fashion. Participating Milwaukee designers are Valerie Jones, Larry Andrew, Liza Hines, Kenya Hayes,Tangela Brister, The Departure Men’s Clothing Company, Deborah Render, young designer Chelsea Stotts, and Pamela Graham. Designer from Madison, Wisconsin are Stacy Rogers, and Tammy Jones. Special guest designer LeeVan Roundtree via Atlanta, Georgia. Lastly, Chicago based designer Anna Hovet. ” The Fashion Revolution is highly beneficial event because it presents independent designers to other markets. These markets and the customers who stablize them are engaged and attracted to the independent designer quality–and for the most part continue to follow and patronize them”, says Sheena Luckett, the Executive producer and creative director of the production. “Success in the Milwaukee market can be seen with Anna Hovet, a returning designer for the past three years with the FR. Milwaukeeans enjoy the progression of her brand and support her despite the distance. She have successfully completed the Chicago’s Macy’s Fashion Incubator program and has opened her showroom in Chicago, and in steady production, she is accepting wholesale and retail orders for Fall 2010. We are grateful to have her return after her initial participation in 2008. We get to see her expand graciously”, says Luckett. Other participating designers have already began production with their lines such as returning designer Valerie Jones and Deborah Render, who also has a showroom in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. “Another avenue introduced this year, is that participating designers get to also have their lines sold at Boutique Revolution and Gallery in Milwaukee once the production is over.”, says Luckett who stressed the connection of consumer and clothing being observed on the runway. “The consumer who wants to buy, should have that opportunity to touch and feel those designs that come down the runway. That is why some of the collection pieces from each designer will be available following the show.”

Featured models in the production are professional trained for high fashion runway walking by Milwaukee coach, Sabrina Sleight and Ashley Thomas. Music and entertainment will be provided by Paul Hackbarth of Sounds By Design and REMIX Dance Company. Pre-sale tickets range from $22.50 to $50. VIP is available for purchase but only for pre-sale, offering free “swag bags” filled with free items, coupons, and samples from area businesses and designers, and the latest copy of the Fashion Revolution miniature magazine highlighting Milwaukee and Chicagao fashion. Tickets can be bought online at: http://www.thefashionrevolution.com/tickets. or at Boutique Revolution, 5209 West North Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208, (414) 871.0624. Other locations include Studio One Photography, 2856 N Teutonia Avenue, and Showing Off By Hosea Salons, 2740 Highland Blvd, both in Milwaukee.

The Fashion Revolution 2010 sponsors include: 88.9 Radio Milwaukee; http://www.radiomilwaukee.org, http://www.DigitalGuestlist.com,Studio One Photography, FashionableMilwaukee, 414 Magazine; http://www.414magazine.com, and Showing Off By Hosea, Aveda Institute and Aldos Shoe Company.

The Fashion Revolution runway production is an an annual fashion showcase event unifying and exposing the independent fashion scene with consumers and the ever changing fashion industry. Through a dynamic fashion performance, the event encourages guests to be interactive and network with fashion professionals, while observing the production and frequenting vendors booths. Tickets and more information can be found at the Fashion Revolution website: http://www.thefashionrevolution.com.


Sheena Luckett, Executive Producer

Cell : (414) 807-3275

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.thefashionrevolution.com


Author: Sean "Diggy" Rush

Sean Rush is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of KISS Magazine.

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